Myoskeletal Alignment

Practitioner with hands on a patient administering myoskeletal alignment technique

Erik Dalton's Myoskeletal Alignment Technique (MAT) is a unique system of manual therapy that addresses both the soft (myo) and boney (skeletal) tissues of the human body in order to bring it into proper postural alignment and balance. This integrated approach to healing reduces pain and restores motion by combining deep tissue, muscle energy and myofascial release techniques with joint stretching and movement retraining exercises.

Identifying strain patterns before they become chronic pain patterns is a key component of the MAT method. Postural assessments are performed at the beginning as well as through out the patient's treatment session in order to identify these patterns and achieve the desired therapeutic results. The upper and lower crossed syndromes below are two examples of common strain patterns that can lead to pain and loss of motion.


30 minute session = $55

60 minute session = $90

90 minute session = $120